Dear Beautiful

You are enough, you are sufficient, you are beautiful. What someone else has spoken over you because of their own insecurity has no foundation in your life. Know that! Receive that!

I know sometimes the ones closest to you are the ones that inflict the most pain. Sometimes it’s in their words, it’s in their actions or it can be in their lack of being there at all for you. I have had/have people in my life do all three, and I’m learning that often times they’re mistreatment comes from a place within themselves that needs treating. Maybe they don’t value themselves, maybe they are struggling with addiction, maybe they are still trying to get over a painful past. I can’t judge their walk but I can choose to redirect my footsteps onto a path that leads away from them. Because intentional or not, disrespect and negative energy can consume and destroy your joy.

I wish I could go back to my 19-year-old self and say brush it off baby, he knows not what he’s doing. His actions don’t make up who you are. His lack of real love does not determine the rest of your relationships. His anger does not mean you are incapable. If you let the rest of your relationships (any relationships) be molded by the first bad one, you are setting yourself up for continual distress.

I say pray. Since you want to love them so bad regardless, do it in prayer. Some things still haunt me from my past but the only thing that gets me through is washing those people in prayer. You can’t fix anyone so just leave it to God. Don’t give power to those afflicting words or actions, just leave it to God and move forward with your beautiful self. You are so worth the progression.


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